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  1. Ant Hill Habitat

Ant Hill Habitat

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See Ants dig real underground sand tunnels and secret chambers!

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See Ants dig real underground sand tunnels and secret chambers!

The Live Ant Hill is the first habitat designed to imitate a real anthill. Its fascinating inside/outside cutaway hill design enables you to watch your colony of ants forage for food, excavate sand and problem solve.

The Live Ant Hill is a double-sided viewing habitat with a wide "no tip"base for super stability. It includes special "easy dig" sand and a safe and escape-proof locking lid.

You can collect your own ants from the garden (please make sure you collect them all from the same colony) or purchase ants.  This habitat comes with a voucher to purchase approximately 10-15 ants by post at a reduced price (£4.99 including postage).

The Live Ant Hill Includes:

  • Two-sided viewing habitat with safe and escape-proof, locking lid
  • Special "easy dig sand
  • Sand rod to help ants get tunnels started
  • Voucher to redeem an Ant Hill supply of approximately 10-15 ants (ants available May to mid-September, weather permitting)
  • Instructions.

Measures 15cm high.

Ages 8+

Price: £12.98 incl VAT  (£10.82 ex VAT)

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