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  1. Silkworm Rearing Kit

Silkworm Rearing Kit

Raise live silkmoths with this kit!

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See the fascinating lifecycle of the silkworm when you raise live silkmoths with this kit.

Your educational Silkworm kit includes:

  • 10-20 eggs
  • Prepared silkworm food (must be refrigerated)
  • Plastic silkworm tub
  • Mesh x2 sizes
  • Forceps
  • Silkworm kit guide

The eggs can take 7-21 days to hatch and should be kept somewhere warm but out of direct sunlight at around 24 degrees celsius.

The silkworms will require feeding multiple times a day once they start growing!

Allow 9-12 weeks to complete the cycle.

Adult supervision required.


Please note: The silkworms or moths cannot be released into nature.


Price: £36.98 incl VAT  (£30.82 ex VAT)

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