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  1. Adult Giant Land Snail

Adult Giant Land Snail

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Available from March (weather dependent)

One adult snail (Achatina species), 3-5 cms in size. 

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One adult snail (Achatina species), 3-5 cms in size. 

Snails are available all year round (we will hold back shipments during particularly cold spells) and do not include housing or food. You will need to provide a small to medium tank according to their size (such as the Snail Observation House - item code 252-345, sold separately) with a substrate of damp peat or similar.

When the snails are mature the soil must be deep enough for the snails to completely bury themselves during egg laying. They must be kept at a temperature of 24º C to 30º C. A heat mat is ideal.

They will eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit such as lettuce, apple, potato, etc. The snails need to cuttlefish bones, which provide calcium. A fairly high humidity should be maintained through daily spraying. The snails do not need drinking water, they will gain water from their food and the atmosphere. If the snails must be left for a couple of days, then a small saucer of water can be left. 

They grow 6-8 cms and may live for several years. They will begin breeding at about a year old and cannot be released to nature.

Ages: Adult Supervision

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