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  1. Water Droplet Ecosystem

Water Droplet Ecosystem

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This unique glass droplet  contains a biologically balanced miniature aquatic ecosystem, making these little shrimp the ultimate low maintenance pets!  No feeding or changing of the water ever required.

This system is completely closed and is delivered to you directly from our supplier in Italy!

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This beautiful glass droplet contains a biologically balanced miniature aquatic ecosystem.

The micro algae inside generate oxygen and food for the inhabitants through the process of photosynthesis. 

The shrimp use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide by eating the micro algae. 

The micro algae reuse the carbon dioxide, converting it into food and air. The aerobic bacteria inside the ecosystem also clean the shrimps waste products. 

You will receive this unique product directly from Italy.  Please note this is a closed system needing no maintenance at all! 

Diameter 12.5cm

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