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  1. School Kit Combo Pack

School Kit Combo Pack

The perfect cross-curricular bundle for the classroom. SAVE OVER 35% compared to ordering items individually!

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Give every student the gift of a butterfly! This rewarding educational kit is designed specifically for teachers and classrooms. It enables each student to raise his or her own Painted Lady Butterfly and witness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle. The Live Butterfly School kit provides educators with many opportunities to teach science, maths, reading, environmental studies and environmental awareness.  The habitat hangs conveniently so everyone can observe the butterflies clearly.

Included in the Butterfly Garden School Kit:

  • Collapsible and reusable 63cm tall Deluxe Butterfly Garden Habitat
  • Voucher for 33 live caterpillars to be redeemed online or by post, which also includes:

             33 vials and lids with 66 attaching dots
             Feeding Pipette
             Plastic Spoon and Leveling Tool
             Small Transfer Brush
             Specially formulated, ready to use, caterpillar food

  • Extensive Live Butterfly Pavilion Instructions and Activity Guide

Also included in the combo pack:

  • Butterfly Life Cycle Figurines
  • Wind Up Butterfly
  • Double-sided Butterfly Life Cycle Poster
  • Life Cycle Colouring Chain
  • Double-sided Stickerboard with re-positionable Vinyl Stickers
  • Fun Temporary Insect Tattoos
  • 3D Butterfly Stickers
  • Bunch O' Butterflies
  • Miraculous Metamorphosis Curriculum KS1
  • My Butterfly Diary
  • Six Sided Bug Puzzle
  • Extend A Net
  • Butterfly Feeding Station
  • Life Cycle Microscope
  • Dual Lens Magnifier
  • Bug Eyes (x3)
  • Book - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book

Ages 4+

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