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  1. Buzzerks - Praying Mantis

Buzzerks - Praying Mantis

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Buzzerks give you a bug's eye view of the world!

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Buzzerks give you a bug's eye view of the world - and give everyone else a buggy view of you too!

Flip forward the specially designed inner compound ""bug-eye lenses"" to see how a real bug sees.

Includes realistic insect features - antennae, spines, leggy earpieces and mandibles; hinged prismatic lenses let you experience true insect sight through compound eyes or flip them back for a normal viewing fun bug mask.

Three styles available

  • Green Praying Mantis
  • Blue Hornet
  • Red Fire Ant

(each sold separately)

Ages 4 and up.

Price: £7.00 incl VAT  (£5.83 ex VAT)

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