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We always do our best to make sure that all enquiries are answered as quickly as possible.

Some of our most commonly asked questions are below. Most queries can be answered by visiting our FAQs.


  1. Where can I find Insect Lore Butterfly Kit Instructions?
  2. I received a voucher in the mail, not live insects. What happened to my order?

    Chances are you probably meant to order the cup of caterpillars and not the voucher. You can redeem your voucher at here.

  3. I received caterpillars instead of butterfly eggs. Can I get a replacement?

    Insect Lore ships live caterpillars. We do not offer live butterfly eggs.

  4. What are the most important steps I can take to ensure the survival of my caterpillars?

    Do not leave your Cup of Caterpillars unattended in a mailbox.
    Be aware if your package’s destination has been sprayed for insects.
    Do not expose your caterpillars to dramatic changes in temperature.
    If temperatures vary greatly from daytime to night-time, place a towel over the Cup of Caterpillars in the evening.
    Do not place your Cup of Caterpillars in a window or in direct sunlight.
    Be sure to remove all silk and frass from the chrysalides before transferring them to the butterfly habitat. If this step is ignored, the butterfly may become entangled in the silk upon emergence, resulting in deformed wings and death.

  5. I only have one voucher. Can I get two orders of caterpillars?

    The voucher is valid for one cup of caterpillars. Additional caterpillars may be purchased here.

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