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Butterfly Garden SCHOOL KIT (33 Caterpillars)

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  • Butterfly Garden SCHOOL KIT (33 Caterpillars)

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Our Caterpillar Season has come to an end for 2019, but will resume again in March 2020.

Our live butterfly kits with Caterpillar Vouchers are available to buy year-round or pre-order with Live Caterpillars for delivery in 2020!


Give every student the gift of a butterfly! This rewarding educational kit is designed specifically for teachers and classrooms. It enables each student to raisether own Painted Lady Butterfly and witness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle. The Live Butterfly Pavilion School Kit provides educators with many opportunities to teach science, math, reading, environmental studies and environmental awareness.  The habitat hangs conveniently so everyone can observe the butterflies clearly

Included in the Live Butterfly Pavilion School Kit:

•Collapsible and reusable 63cm tall Deluxe Butterfly Garden Habitat
• 33 live caterpillars or voucher (caterpillars available March to Mid-September)
•33 vials and lids
•Feeding Pipette
•Plastic Spoon
•Small Transfer Brush
•Specially formulated, ready to use, caterpillar food
•Extensive Live Butterfly Pavilion School Kit  Instructions and Activity Guide

 Ages: 4+

 Please note NEXT DAY DELIVERY is not available for this item as caterpillars are sent on Tuesdays and Fridays only.  All orders must be placed in advance of the dispatch day required.

Price: £59.99 incl VAT  (£49.99 ex VAT)

Please note, on receipt of the caterpillars, you will need to distribute the caterpillar food into each vial and transfer a caterpillar into each vial.  Instructions on how to do this are included.

Need help with your Caterpillar to Butterfly Process? - Watch these informative videos

Preparing Your Caterpillars:

Moving Your Chrysalis:

Feeding your Butterflies:

Releasing your Butterflies:


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