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Caterpillars/Butterfly Questions

  1. Where can I find Insect Lore Butterfly Kit Instructions?
  2. Can I remove the lid of the cup and touch my caterpillars?
  3. Why are my caterpillars turning red?
  4. Do my caterpillars have enough air?
  5. Why are my caterpillars spinning silky webbing?
  6. What are the little brown balls appearing in my cup of caterpillars?
  7. How many times will my caterpillars shed their exoskeletons?
  8. My caterpillars have attached themselves to the paper under the lid of the cup. How long should I wait before moving them to their butterfly habitat?
  9. What is a “chrysalis”?
  10. What do I do once my chrysalides have formed?
  11. Why are the caterpillars eating the paper disk?
  12. How long is the butterfly life cycle?
  13. What is the black thing hanging on the bottom of the chrysalis?
  14. A chrysalis fell to the bottom of the culture cup. What should I do?
  15. Why are my chrysalides shaking?
  16. What's happening inside the chrysalis?
  17. What is the red liquid I see as my butterflies emerge?
  18. Why should I place a paper towel under my butterfly habitat before the butterflies emerge?
  19. What is an “imago"?
  20. How can I tell whether a butterfly is male or female?
  21. What if my butterflies lay eggs that hatch into caterpillars?
  22. When should I release my butterflies?
  23. Where can I observe an instructional video of my Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden?
  24. How long will my butterflies live?
  25. What is the ideal outdoor temperature for my butterflies?
  26. Are Painted Lady Butterflies native to my location?
  27. Where can I find a Painted Lady Butterfly?
  28. How do I clean my butterfly habitat?
  29. Can I reuse my butterfly habitat?
  30. My caterpillars seem to be running out of food. What should I do?
  31. All of my caterpillars have pupated except for one. Should I wait to transfer them into my butterfly habitat?
  32. Why is a chrysalis forming on the side or bottom of the cup, and what should I do?
  33. Can I help my butterfly escape the chrysalis?
  34. What are the most important steps I can take to ensure the survival of my caterpillars?
  35. Why does my butterfly have four legs instead of six?
  36. What do I feed my butterflies?
  37. Why aren't my butterflies flying in their habitat?
  38. My butterflies have laid eggs. What should I do?
  39. Do you offer different species of butterflies?
  40. Why do my butterflies look like moths?
  41. Why is it important to release my butterflies when the temperature exceeds 12°C?
  42. Is it environmentally safe to release my butterflies?
  43. Can I reuse the food for newly hatched caterpillars?
  44. What is the scientific name of the Painted Lady Butterfly?
  45. Can I handle my cup of caterpillars?
  46. Will the butterflies lay eggs?
  47. How does my butterfly eat?
  48. Why are my butterfly’s wings shaking?
  49. How long does it take for a butterfly’s wings to harden after emergence?
  50. Why does my butterfly have deformed wings?
  51. What happens to butterflies during the winter?
  52. Is a butterfly an insect?
  53. How do I make butterfly nectar?
  54. Why is the Painted Lady Butterfly also known as the "Thistle Butterfly"?
  55. What is a group of butterflies called?
  56. What does the word “larva” mean?
  57. Should I provide water for my caterpillars?
  58. Why are my caterpillars inactive?