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Ant Questions

  1. Where can I find Insect Lore Live Ant Hill® Instructions?
  2. Is there an ant king?
  3. How long have ants populated the earth?
  4. How many species of ants are there?
  5. Do ants live everywhere?
  6. What do ants eat?
  7. What is a group of ants called?
  8. Are ants related to any other insects?
  9. Are ants intelligent?
  10. How strong is an ant?
  11. Can some ants fly?
  12. What is an alate?
  13. Do ants have a skeleton?
  14. Should I release my ants?
  15. Can I reuse my Live Ant Hill®?
  16. How long can a queen ant live?
  17. How to care for my Live Ant Hill®. ?
  18. Should I provide food for my ants?
  19. Do my ants have enough air?
  20. Can I touch my ants?
  21. Is one of my ants a queen?
  22. What is the queen’s job?