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  1. Refill Caterpillar Set for Butterfly Garden

Refill Caterpillar Set for Butterfly Garden

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Our Caterpillar season has come to an end for 2019, but will resume again in March 2020.

Our Caterpillar Vouchers are available to buy year-round! 

Vouchers are redeemable for Caterpillar dispatches in March-September 2020. 

Gift giving made simple.


Please note when selectingoption "send insects on specific date"  this is the date the caterpillars are dispatched, not the delivery date.

Item code: 102 for Live or 102x for Voucher


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Our Caterpillar Season has come to an end for 2019, but will resume again in March 2020.

Our Caterpillar Vouchers are available to buy year-round or pre-order Live Caterpillars for delivery in 2020!


Order refills for the Butterfly Garden or if you need additional caterpillars. The replacement caterpillar set includes:
A cup of 3-5 caterpillars with all the nutritious food they need to grow into lovable Painted Lady Butterflies. The Cup of Caterpillars is also known as a "live butterfly culture".  3 caterpillars are guaranteed to develop into perfect specimens.
The Caterpillar Quick Guide. This is a brief overview to get you started. For in-depth instructions regarding caterpillar and butterfly care please see our Live Butterfly Garden Instructions.

Please note: This product is a REFILL and includes a clear cup with caterpillars and food ONLY. Be sure to provide a habitat in which your butterflies will emerge.

We cannot do next day delivery for this item as caterpillars are sent on Tuesdays and Fridays only. NEXT DAY DELIVERY is not available for this item.

Caterpillars sent March - mid September.

Ages 4+

*If only ordering this one item, postage will be at a reduced rate of £2.99 instead of our standard shipping charge of £4.95.  Please choose the reduced rate during check out.

Price: £11.99 incl VAT  (£9.99 ex VAT)

Need help with your Caterpillar to Butterfly Process? - Watch these informative videos

Setting up you Chrysalis Station:

Caring for your Chrysalis:

Feeding your Butterflies:

Releasing your Butterflies:


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